High School Senior FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions 



Q) Where will my Camera Study (session) take place?
A) Elite Studios is located in Loveland.  We photograph mainly on location (outside) along the Front Range including Brighton, Denver, Loveland, Henderson, Erie, Thornton, Windsor, Longmont,Fort Collins and Cheyenne.  While we primarily photograph on location, we offer several types of sessions that are in-studio. Contact us for more info!

Q) How long does the camera study last?
A) We have several packages to choose from and the average session is about three hours.

Q) How many outfits can I bring?
A) As many as you would like.We have several packages to choose from for your senior camera study. We like you to dress in the more formal outfit first, get comfortable in the session, change clothes – Then the fun really begins!

Q) What do I bring to my session?
A) Everything! We want to know who you are! You will want to leave a legacy for your friends and family! If you are into sports, bring your jersey’s, balls, etc. If you are into band, bring your instrument! Bring whatever you want – we will get creative and make something unique especially for YOU!

Q) Do I receive a yearbook image with my session?
A) Absolutely, and you will have plenty to choose from.

Q) What kinds of Product do you offer?
A) We have so much to offer you for the memory of your senior year. We specialize in Large Wall Portrait Art, Montages, albums, metals, gallery wraps, Fusions and so much more! Call or stop in to see your options, the door is always open!

Q) Can I bring a friend?
A) They always say , “The more the merrier”! Yes, bring a friend. It really makes the photo shoot so much more exciting! And don’t forget to bring your ipod – Let’s amp it up!

Q) How long does it take to have my viewing and Ordering?
A) Viewing and ordering are done in one session.  It takes up to three weeks view and order.

Q) Should I get my hair and make-up professionally done?
A) We always recommend it.  A good makeup artist can really enhance the look in your photos. When you have hair and makeup done it makes the journey a complete experience and something both you and your parents will remember for a lifetime. Either way, your senior photos will turn out fantastic because they are of you!