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Friday, August 19, 2016
By Elite Studios Formerly A Witness to Life Photography
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High School Senior Pictures


As you search for the right photographer for your High School Senior Pictures, consider these tips.  The right High School Senior Pictures photographer can capture this special time of your life or, mom and dad, if you're reading this: the life of your senior . There are several things to be aware of before you decide. Here’s a list of things to consider before you make this important decision.

High School Senior Pictures


  1. How do you want to remember yourself? This might sound strange but if you keep in mind that someday, you’ll look back on this time as one of the best times of your life, then you know how important this answer is. Your high school senior pictures capture your true essence – when done right.
  2. What type of setting conveys your personality? Outdoors at your favorite place or park or indoors in a studio? For your High School Senior Pictures, you could be photographed in your favorite setting.
  3. Are you involved in sports?  Having portraits taken with something you have been practicing all of your life can really complete your session.  Check out our Montages for a different sporty look!
  4. Consider bringing a friend along.  It will add fun to your senior session and capture your buddies in this important time of your life.
  5.  Take advantage of your complimentary consultation - it is vital to creating distinctively – striking portraits that are unique to you.

Our professional photographer, Rhonda Thompson, Loveland’s best Portrait Artist Photographer, specializing in high school seniors, captures your personality in stunning ways. View our High School Seniors Portfolio and give us a call so we can schedule your portrait as soon as possible.


Friday, February 19, 2016
By Elite Studio Formerly A Witness to Life Photography
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1.         Your parents have worked really hard making sure you are raised to be a contributing citizen. – They want and deserve to see you in this “light of your life”.  A Witness to Life Photography is blessed to have amazing families join our camera studies.  What we hear from parents is that they are so thankful they did not miss the session.  This is how they see their son or daughter all the time.  Do not take that away from them.

2.       It is not all about the Camera Study --  Our families say, “ this was a day we will never forget.  It was stress free and fun.  We slept in, had breakfast, grabbed a coffee on the way to our session.  Had an amazing time at the session and then grabbed a late lunch.  It truly was uninterrupted time with my daughter.  A Wonderful time to see her in the light of her life”!

3.       How can one selfie picture sum you up as a person.  Don’t you feel that you are worth more than that?  You deserve to have someone listen to your ideas, create your session based on what you love, and capture who you have become.



4.       As much as the cell phone companies claim that they have excellent cameras in their phone, as a professional we are telling you NO!  Typically you cannot enlarge them up past a 4x6 and even then, they are grainy and blurry.  You deserve a portrait to last forever- you deserve it..  The likelihood of you ever printing your photo from your computer is slim.  Bottom line – It will not stand the time of time.

Friday, February 05, 2016
By A Witness to Life Photography
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  • They are personal. You use your professional portraits to finalize your senior year.
  • Your announcements are completely custom.  You can use any type of verbiage you wish.  Some elect to just announce the party OR just the ceremony. 
  • A Witness to Life Photography offers many shapes and sizes.  Along with the different styles you also have a choice of different types of papers (Matte, linen, pearl, watercolor)… Depending on the style you choose, a paper choice can really enhance your overall look.
  • Along with professional portraits, our clients typically add baby pictures and personality portraits to complete their announcement look.  We also encourage quotes, song lyrics, or anything that would mean something special to you.
  • Price—Our custom announcements are very comparable to the schools announcements.  – If not a little more cost effective – Plus they do not look like anyone elses.





Saturday, January 09, 2016
By A Witness to Life Photography
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Most people have something they are passionate about.  It can be sports, animals, music or art.  Whatever it may be, there is something about these activities that tend to complete a person, make- up who they are.  There are many reasons people continue to work hard at a craft.  Most times it can be a self-mastery, a progression of the hard work they put into it.

We see this particularly in our young adults.  We (A Witness to Life Photography) have the pleasure in photographing high School Seniors that are the most dynamic.  We hear many stories of them learning life lessons through the successions of their craft.  We photograph an array of outfits, but the true personality of these young adults come when you put them in their element.  Even the senior guys get excited about their photographs because they can intergrade something they are passionate about and what makes them a unique individual.

When students go through the process of having their camera study, they want something different – nothing that has been done before.  To put it straight forward, they do not want to look like anyone else and they want to be unique.   Getting to know our students is how we help them create a striking, one-of-a-kind, unique photographs.  There are a variety of styles and our goal is to meet whatever style that person likes.  For instance, there are students who are more elegant and stylish, and the next who can be more dark and edgy.  Either way, it is their style and we make it happen.

I say “our students” because that is the majority of our EXTREME genre.  I know after high school many stay involved in their passion.  My question is, why are there so many who don’t display their love after a certain age.

  Recently in our studio, we have been taking more time to practice the things we enjoy.  For Rhonda, it is photographing without limits. – No time tables, no schedule.  She is photographing fine art, something she loves to play in.  Afterwards, she is printing her art to display.  It fulfills her and makes her happy to see what she has accomplished.  Shanna has recently been photographed by Rhonda with her horses, her passion.  She plans on creating a piece of art for the wall in her home.  We enjoy our passion and want to keep it in front of us in this very busy world.


What are you passionate about?  Have you thought about being photographed in your element so you can look at the final piece every day to keep it in front of you?   Would have a modern piece completed?  A Painting?  Or something dark and grungie?  As we continue with our everyday lives, we feel is important to keep the things you love in front of you and in an artful way.  Don’t let it just be the students who embark on their EXTREME journey.  Try it out for yourself.



Thursday, September 03, 2015
By A Witness to Life Photography
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We, (A witness to Life Photography) have the privilege of photographing some of the very best high school seniors.  Also, we enjoy the variety of the seniors we get the privilege of photographing.  We seem to reach from Fort Collins to Brighton (Loveland, Erie, Longmont, and Fort Lupton).  We are so proud to introduce Tanor Hansen, another mover and shaker.   While Rhonda Thompson gets the privilege of photographing and capturing the real emotion, Shanna Wagner gets to help with the creation and design of the final product that will be represented in their home.  It is the greatest honor to help families capture  their milestones.  It creates a time capsule of how things were and in future years, used to be.

If you haven't already have had an experience with A Witness to Life Photography, you should know that the photographs are produced flawless.  In particular, with families it is often hard to get everyone’s expression to look like them in one photograph.  This is where the design comes in.  We perform photo Shoppe surgery if you will.  We can adjust smiles, open eyes, remove braces, and take away fly aways.  Anything that leaves our studio is perfect and enhanced.  Your photographs are truly uniquely created for you and they tell your story of who you are and how you got there.


Name:  Tanor Hansen


High School:  Mountain Range High School

GPA:  3.8

Sports Played:  Swimming --  A sport he has performed since a child.

Clubs involved with:  Student Government, Student Leadership.  Along with being President of the entire student body, Tanor has won an award for creating leadership and comradery within the student body.

Plans after High School:  Study accounting and Political science.

Career Goal: to succeed.

How do you measure success?  By what I accomplish and do in life.


Congrats Tanor on your Senior year.  You are going to do amazing things.